Negligent Referral Indemnification

Sometimes no good deed goes unpunished in the real estate world. Folks you've shown a zillion homes use another agent they met at an open house, sellers insist that their home is worth 40% more than appraisal and get mad at you when showings are slow, phone calls at midnight just in case you have any updates, I'm sure we all have some tales to tell...

One good deed that doesn't have to leave you exposed is referring a client to All Keys Home Inspections. As a referring agent you are automatically approved for up to $10,000 indemnification coverage against negligent referral - FREE! 

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You can see a pattern right? 

  • Buy Back Your Home Guarantee for buyers 
  • Negligent Referral Indemnification for agents
  • $10,000 Honor Guarantee for sellers

InterNACHI offers these programs because they have confidence in inspectors that have passed the rigorous testing to achieve the highest levels of knowledge and experience in the industry.

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